How to move the bootloader

I have windows Vista & 7 installed on my PC, same hard drive, different partition. Vista was installed first, then 7. I want to get rid of Vista but the bootloader is on the Vista Partition.

I would love to move the bootloader to the 7 partition, get rid of Vista, then expand the partition of Windows 7 to include Vista's old partition. The latter is easy, the former, not so easy for me.

I downloaded easyBCD 2.0 build 100. I want to make sure I use it right as I don't want to hose my system.

Please help

I was going to do it wrong, so glad I asked :smile:

Now the next question, what is the proper way to remove Vista?
1) Format the partition
2) Remove Entry from Boot Menu (how do I remove that menu all together?)
3) Expand 7's partition

Are those the correct steps or ..?

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Someone pointed me to that before I asked my original question, turns out, all my answers were answered there.

Thanks for your help :smile:
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After you've formatted Vista out of existence, just delete the BCD entry ("edit boot menu" Easy2) and with only one option, you should no longer get a menu presented.
If you still see one, even though there's no choice to be made, tick the "skip...." box in the same page.
Vista is now removed. Thank you for all your help and this nifty program.

Vista is removed and I didn't have to remove the entry, it was already removed when I deleted the partition.
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