How to move the equivalent of XP "My Docs:pics:etc" away from OS


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Having no other experience of Vista installations, I'm not sure if mine is a typical Installation.
I've been using it for a year now, and it is beginning to irritate me that every time I want to save or find something, I have to search for the appropriate folder.
The OS was installed by a friend, and he's left on the desktop, a folder "Admin" instide which are several blue folders.
I suspect these are the equivalent of XP's "My" folders and are imbued with special properties.
Because they're on the desktop and don't feature in the "Explorer" hierarchy, I don't know where they are stored....I'm almost sure they are on the "C" drive, and this is why I've ignored them up to now.
I have created folders for Correspondance, Pictures, Videos, etc. on another partition, "F" Data, in an attempt to seperate this from the OS.
The comand "Save" doesn't point at my "F" drive, but always points at these blue folders in the "Admin" folder.
Similarly clicking on "start" and then Documents, I get a menu with "Admin" "Docs" and "Pics", followed by a list of recent items.

I would like to use these "special" folders, If I could transfer them to the "F" Drive, however, I'm told that moving them will excommunicate the various bits of software and programmes that use them and I've no Idea what I'm likely to find won't work any more!!
Furthermore, I'm worried that I'll upset my network which I consider myself lucky to have working at all...given my level of expertise! lol
Can any one advise me?
Right-click the special folders (the REAL my documents, my pictures, my videos, etc) and click "Properties"

Go to the "location" tab and select the admin folders on your desktop.
Not sure I follow you.
Each of these folders has a "Location tab, and the path is already C:\Users\admin...
I really want to change this path to F:\...
I can't really move the entire "Admin" folder since it contains other folders that I don't understand: - for instance
"Desktop" folder !!?
"File Folder" {0af87567-18b9-4c2b-99d6-0437ab1de15f} (frequently renewed)
AppData folder
Citrix Folder (to do with a link I have to a local school's intranet)

The main problem is that if I move the commonly used Data folders to a different drive, what is likely to stop working?
And will it upset my precious network? lol
If you change the location of the "special" folders (Pictures, Documents, Music etc) to your F:\ partition, the way CG said, the OS creates all the necessary chains to make it completely transparent.
As you can see in these screenshots from other threads, I too have all my user data in F:\ and all my special folders redirected from XP and Vista.
No problems.
Hi Terry,
My God! I couldn't handle the complexity of your system - FOUR Operating Systems!
I've moved all the blue folders except "Desktop", that is Contacts: Documents: Downloads: Favorites: Links: Music: Pictures: Saved Games: Searches and Videos.
The old file paths were "C;\Users\admin...."
I have done away with Users and admin, and created the new path "F:\..." not sure if that's correct.

The folders I mentioned before that I don't understand, still remain in the Admin folder on "C:\" viz: -
g2ax_customer_downloadhelper_win32_x86.exe (total mistery to me!)
"Desktop" folder !!? ( contains only a few of my DT icons)
"File Folder" {0af87567-18b9-4c2b-99d6-0437ab1de15f} (frequently renewed but a mistery to me!)
AppData folder
Citrix Folder (to do with a link I have to a local school's intranet, I dont access it, the system seems to need it)

I've just tried saving a word docx, and there appears to be no change, "Save As" still brings up "Documents" (Blue Folder) as a branch of the "Admin" folder which still appears in the Explorer "Tree" way above Computer, and the C, D,E and F drives.
This has me totally confused, especially as the blue folders still exist in the Admin Folder from whence I have evicted them ...haven't I??


Just tried to move my "Correspondence" folder into the new "F:\Documents" folder, and was told first that It would no longer be shared, which I accepted, then that I couldn't move it 'cos it was's not open! how can I convince Vista it's closed??


Oh Terry, I'm getting in an awful mess!
I've copied my "Correspondance" folder to desktopthen dragged it into the "F:\Documents" folder, having deleted the copy from desktop, I've got two copies on the "F:\ drive" one inside the "Documents" folder, and one outside it!
Simple you may say, just delete it!
I can't delete it 'cos Vista is convinced it's open somewhere else!!
Reminiscent of "I've got a hole in my bucket, dear Lisa, dear Lisa,"
I'm going to re-start, and see if the blessed thing is still open!


...And we're back!
Success! managed to destroy the errant folder!
even better news, having managed to find the option for "sub folders to inherit sharing" that too has worked and the newly re-located folder is fully accessible on the lappy.
Now, I'll try tidying up the other Folders that I've moved...whilst awaiting your advice concerning the remainder!
Sorry to have to give a "Blow by Blow" account, it's the only way I can keep track of what I'm doing !lol
(it must be an age thing!)


With all the messing about to tidy up the folders at their final destination, "F:\", I've lost the permission to share them!
Following the simple instructions in windows help, it says : -
Click one or more files or folders that you want to share, and then, on the toolbar, click Share.

Small problem, the tool bar doesn't have a "Share" button like it used to!
In Network & Sharing center, I have disabled pasword protection, I can't think of anything else that's preventing me sharing these folders.
Can you help Terry?


Now the nightmare begins!
I can nolonger create "Favorites" get "Unspecified error"....evidently Windows are not as transparent as you thought terry!
Got any windowlene?!!
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The folders remain there as links. If you click on them, they redirect to the new locations you've specified. This is to make things easier for you, as well as to maintain application compatibility. The "folders" on your desktop are probably nothing more than shortcuts to the appropriate folders, which is why it appears as if you've got two copies of each special folder, but you do not.
Hi kairozamorro,
You're right (of course!) just checked properties, and it evidences the path is now "F:\" for the moved folders!

Can you tel me why I'm now unable to create shortcuts in my favorites using IE7.
I know it's because it has lost track of the blue folder since I've moved it, but I thought that was taken care of by Windows! Problem is how do I re-associate it now!
Similarly I've lost the ability to share these folders over my network, even though I've disabled password protection...I',m lost!!


The only Blue Folder I can now share is the one labeled "Desktop" which is no good to man nor beast! I can only share that because I've not moved it from the Admin folder, so it's still on the "C:\" drive.
I can no longer access any of the previously shared folders/files that I set up on my network:frowning:

Sorry to keep advising you that my system is falling apart, but I can't just leave it like this, I need a success to go to bed on!!
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Just right click on your F:/ Music folder or whatever and use the sharing tab to make the folder available on your network.
(I didn't set up a network till after I'd moved all my data folders, so have no experience of doing it the other way round, but it seems from your experience you need to share the new location with the network)
Just tried that Terry, : -
From Computer>DataF:> Right click "Documents" (Blue Folder already showing Share Icon) > select "Share" > "This folder is already shared">"Change Permissions?"> Admin and Everyone as Owner and Co-Owner.
Tried to access with lappy, "Access denied" "Network Name cannot be found"

Did the ame with "Music" blue folder, exactly as above,
Tried to access with Lappy, "Access denied" "Network name no longer available"
What now!?!


Thought I'd cracked it!
The shared folder names on the lappy are still "My docs" : "My Music". etc.
Changed 'em to just the name of the blue folders, and ....access denied! :frowning:(

How I wish I'd never started this, I had a feeling it would knacker my network, and Ive still got to find a way to re-associate the Favorites folder with IE7


2am: at last a small victory!
I've managed to share Video's: Pictures and Music.
I've done nothing different to what I did before but somehow it's worked this time!
Unfortunately, I still cannot share Documents, response is "Network name cannot be found"
What's the solution to that one? lol
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Can you tel me why I'm now unable to create shortcuts in my favorites using IE7.

If you re-directed your favorites folder that should be all that is needed. If IE doesn't like it than you ovbiously can't move that.

Now for sharing; go to the relocated path using my computer instead of my music folder (go to f:\music instead) and setup sharing that way. Both computers should be on the same workgroup. Windows default behavior is to deny access to a user's folders to anyone else.
Good morning kairozamorro!

I've been at it all night.
The sun is just comming up now!
I've managed to share the sub folders in "Documents", and that's probably better, gives me more flexibility.
Also managed to send "Favorites" back from whence it came!
So I've now got my links back in IE7.
Full House!!
I just can't go to bed and let the machine beat me!
I think all is now well.....but you know what it's like, "Expect the unexpected" they say, and I think they had Microsoft in mind when they said it! lol

Thanks for all your help everybody, and also your support whilst I was panicking!
It has helped me no end, and I've learned a little more!
Can't be bad.