how to open windows vista 64-bit recovery cd in crashed laptop

how come it said i burned the windows vista 64-bit recovery cd sussessfully but when i put it in my laptop, i try to open it but it only has a boot folder and a source folder? and when i try to open the folders, its all empty? please someone help me thanx
Did you follow these instructions when burning the CD ?
You need to boot from the CD.
Power up the PC with the CD in the tray and follow the instructions on the first splash screen to enter the BIOS setup utility.
In the BIOS, navigate to the "boot" section and set CD to boot before HDD
Save the changes.
As the boot continues you should see "press any key to boot from CD"
Press a key
help please!!!

Yes I did follow the burning info. It said it was sussessful. Do I need to open the cd and do something first to put it in my crashed laptop? And when you said power up the pc, do you mean the crashed laptop? Cause I put the cd in the crashed laptop and nothing pops up. please reply asap thanx
Put the CD in the crashed laptop, turn it on and follow the instructions in my previous post.

Do you mean set usb cd-rom before usb hdd? cause I did do that and saved it but it doesn't say press any key to continue. then it just goes to the screen where it says windows error recovery and it ask if we want to launch windows startup repair or start windows normally. I tried both and still no help. please reply back asap thanx.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I put the cd in then turned on laptop and i had to pree f2 to get to the setup screen, is it suppose to be like that or because of the cd, another screen should have poped up?
Test the disc on another computer to ensure it was burned properly and boots OK. If its disregarding boot order you well need to use the boot menu instead to select the disc drive.
The BIOS setup boot section is normally a tree structure.
Top level will be device types, then a sub level for each type.
You want CD to come before HDD.
It doesn't matter where floppy-disk or USB come as long as there isn't one connected when you boot.
Just make sure the BIOS checks your CD drive before going to the HDD.
help please

I did put cd b4 hdd but still not working. How do we know if the cd is really burned correctly? It did say sussessful but I dont know if it really did burned correctly. Do we have to verify the cd when we are burning it? Cause I didnt verify it but it still said sussesfull. And when I put the cd in my working computer, I try to open file "boot.sdi" it said unable to load boot.sdi data error (cyclic redundancy check). please reply asap thanx.
You don't check it on a running working computer.
You put it in the tray and boot the working computer to see if it recognizes the CD as having valid boot capability ("press any key.....").
You don't do anything to the working computer with it, just confirm that it's capable of booting into the recovery environment, then stop.

ok can you please tell me step by step how to boot the working computer to see if it has boot capability. Sorry I dont know much about computers. thanx
help please someone

Ok do we put cd in the tray of the working computer then set cd b4 hdd save and quit?

then its suppose to tell us to pree any key? What if it doesnt say press any key?

just and black screen. Does that mean that the cd does not have boot capabilities? please someone reply back asap thanx.
When you have two possible causes of the problem (bad PC, bad CD), you have to eliminate one possiblity in some other way, before you know what is the correct action to take.

Do things by logical elimination.
Find a CD or DVD you know is bootable. (an old copy of Windows, a Linux distro, GPartEd etc ....)
Boot it on a working PC to prove the PC is correctly set up with CD before HDD.
If it won't boot, get into the BIOS setup and change things till it does work.
Try your burned CD in the working PC
If it won't boot, there's a problem with the burn
If it boots, try it in the broken PC.
If it won't boot there, you've not got the BIOS set properly on the broken PC.
Change things in that BIOS till it boots.

Ok thanx but is the windows vista 64 bit recovery suppose to be a winrar file? Because when I open the containing folders of it in the torrent, it shows up as a winrar file. please reply asap thanx.
No. It's an ISO
Make sure your folder options are set like this, so you can see filetypes.
Probably WinRAR has grabbed the file association for ISO but is not displaying it.
You don't process the downloaded file in any way. Just burn it as is, with an ISO burning app (Vista can't burn ISOs by itself. W7 can)
Use Imgburn, it's free and it works. Follow the instructions here
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help please

Ok thanx but I did burn it with imgburn and it said operation sussessfully complete. But i just can't get it to boot. Please give me some more options that u can think of to get the cd working. thanx please reply asap thanx. I even put cd b4 hdd
You have to follow the elimination process in post #12 to determine if the CD is good.
There are two possible reasons why the CD won't boot on your broken PC, (the CD and the PC).
The course of action to follow in either case is completely different.
You must find out which.
help me please with ubuntu

ok I burned the ubuntu cd used it on the crashed laptop but when i tried to open hard drive, it said "unable to mount location" other than "unable to mount volume" so can you please tell me how to fix that? thanx. please reply asap thanx Please tell me how to make it so it would say unable to mount volume thanx
Please stop hijacking other people's threads with your problem, and posting multiple copies of the same query.
You will be treated as a spammer and banned from the boards if you continue.
This is your thread, and your question is here to be answered if and when someone with the relevant knowledge sees it.
It sounds to me like your PC is well and truly broken, which could explain your problems with Ubuntu, but Linux is not my area of expertise, so I wouldn't presume to advise on the details of its use.
There are Linux geeks around who might be able to advise you, but you'll just have to wait and hope.
There are no guarantees of a happy resolution to all problems. This is just a peer-to-peer forum, not a professional repair service.
Those (few) of us who attempt to answer questions can see your problem wherever you post it. There's no need to multi-post. It won't help.
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