How to point BCDEasy to linux partition?


I installed linux mint next to windows. It wrote the MBR with Grub and it worked well.

Now, my goal is to chainload grub within BCDeasy. So I removed Grub and used the knob in BCDeasy to write the windows bootloader in MBR again.

Problem I am now having: it doesn't find Linux anymore.

I get messages like this:


starting main ()...... (hd,0,0)
error: unknown filesystem
entering rescue mode

My linux partition is on (hd,0,2) b.t.w.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Have you tried EasyBCD 2.3?
No, Easy BCD2.2

It seems to work right now.

Somehow Easy BCD2.2 created NeoGrub menu-items. So it might wanted to install NeoGrub of EasyBCD.

I think the program called boot-repair fixed the problem. It installed Grub on my Linux partition which did Windows Boatloader picked up.