how to proceed ??


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i have 3 hard drives .. vista 32 & xp64 on one , vista 64 on one and ubuntu on one . easy bcd is on the vista 32 o/s .

Now i want to put another linux + xp pro onto the 3rd drive (the one with linux on it >

everyting seems to be ok at the moment ( except at boot i get a cursor with grub by the side and i have to reboot to get to the easy bcd menu . i am going to configure the linux from the neogrub on bcd , having assigned grub to the linux partition on the 3rd drive rather than the vista boot loader , and i am hoping that should solve the cursor grub thing and boot straight to the easy bcd menu ?

thanks richard


ps .. i have just read the neogrub info and i am not clear what i should be entering onto the menu.lst ( is it ? ) to get it to boot from the easy bcd menu ?? can anyone help . The linux o/s is on the 3rd hard drive but I am not sure where i should direct neo to as there are a number of partitions there ie swap etc ....

thnx again rimskyx
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