How to recover overwritten MBR ?



My problem arose after trying to install iATKOS V7 10.5.7. It installed chameleon 2.0 but chameleon is not booting my other OSs (vista business, win 7, ubuntu 9.04, fedora 11 ). I think my MBR is overwritten (including partition table) by chameleon. There is a limited documentation on chameleon and now i wanted to revert back my bootloader to vista bootloader.

Repair option via Vista disc shows no entry in the installed OS list. I can access NST folder in my vista partition using vista recovery disc. Does EasyBCD keeps backup copy of MBR?

Before messing up with my partition table, I want your suggestions how to make my laptop working ?


Welcome to NST,

You need to make sure the hard drive with Vista is the first device in the boot sequence after the CD drive that you are booting the recovery disc from. Detach any USB storage devices as well. You should get the list of OSes now if it doesnt automatically offer to repair the problem for you.