How to reinstall Vista Boot Loader?

I tried to repair by Vista DVD but it doesn't work. I want to try to repair by EasyBCD but I can't get in Window vista to install it. Can you show me what to do ? Thank a lot .
Well, the whole point is to use the DVD to get into Vista - once you've done that, it's working (no need to repair with EasyBCD).

Can you please explain what you mean by "it doesn't work"?
After repairing the computer can't boot by itself . It go to the screen like this : acpi Vista loader 2.1.0 reclaim memory not found. Do you have any idea I have to do next?
The startup repair didnt work. At least it doesnt look like it did. Mahmoud will have to give you advice from here as i don tknow what to say other than try to repair it again.