How to remove 1 of 2 XP's (dual boot)


C:\XP (System)
D:\XP (Boot)

I'm currently using EasyBCD to boot into either XP without issues (dual boot). The challenge is, how to remove the XP on C:\ when it's a System partition? XP's Disk Management won't let you because of that. I have Acronis Disk Management installed on the XP on C:\ so I may be able to delete it with that but I probably won't be able to boot into the new XP on D:\ once I do a reboot.

I guess I need to know how I can make D:\ the SYSTEM and BOOT partition. Once this is done I should be able to delete C:\ and boot as I do now into XP on D:\

If that's not possible, then I suppose I could format C:\, then shrink C: to the smallest partition size possible and then add the free space to D:\ and rerun EasyBCD to remove XP on C:\ That should work shouldn't it? Still, I'd like to know how to do it properly as this is more of a band-aid solution.


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Lemme get the question clear first. You want to make D: as your boot drive and clear C: of all the files?

Ok for that you need to make use of a XP bootable CD. You can boot up using the CD and then format the files on C drive and install a new copy of XP on your D Drive. If you want to tweak the amount of space allotted to the individual drives you can do that too when you load from the Boot able disk.
Visit this link for more info - Partition size changing help needed |

Hope it helps!