How to remove the dual boot?

Hi everybody!

I've used for several months a dual boot XP/Seven with the two systems in two different partitions.
Now I would like to remove Windows Xp from my computer, keep Seven and join the two partitions. For that I need to completely remove the dual boot.

I've searched in the forum, but I couldn't find a guide to do it. Could you please tell me how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Terry.

Thank you for replying.
I've followed the instructions: Xp wasn't marked "system", so I've simply formatted the disk.

But now, on startup, I still see the "boot screen" (where I can choose between the two operating systems). How can I remove it?

Thank you.

You need to type "msconfig" in the "Run" option...

Then you will see a window with several tabs and one of them (I think the second one) have all the operating system's options and there you can delete the OS.

I hope It helps you...

See ya.
Thank you for your suggestion, but I've already removed Xp. When I do what you suggest, I only see seven as operating system.

My problem is that I still see the screen when I boot my computer, where I have to choose between Xp or Seven. Can I remove it?


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In EasyBCD 2.0 "edit boot menu", delete the XP entry.
If you still get a menu, tick the "suppress boot menu" box (or whatever it's called)