How to remove Windows XP in a XP-8.1 dual-boot?


Can I remove Windows XP in a dual-boot with EasyBCD? I have Windows XP and Windows 8.1 on the same computer.

Disk Management:

( D: ) (System, Active, Primary) Windows XP
( F: ) (Primary) Data
( C: ) (Start Partition, Swap File, Crash Dump, Logical) Windows 8.1

Is it sufficient to change the boot drive from ( D: ) to ( C. ) with EasyBCD and then format volume ( D: )? Or are there further steps?

Thank you in advance.


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Changing the Boot Partition
should be sufficient.
Remember (as it will tell you) to alter the BIOS boot sequence before rebooting if C and D are not on the same HDD.
Check that XP is no longer "system" or "active" and you're good to go.

Disk Management flags have the following meanings

"boot" = "this is the system you're running"
"system" = "this is where I found the boot files for the currently running system"
"active" (on the first HDD in the BIOS boot sequence) = "this is where I started the search for the boot files"
"active" (on subsequent HDDs in the BIOS boot sequence) ="this is where I will look if I don't find something in the MBR on the first HDD"