How to remove xp for dual boot config

I wish to utterly and completely delete xp from an xp/vista dual boot configuration. However, I face two major hurdles:

(1) unable to boot xp. When I attempt , I get error page prompt to contact administrator, etc.

(2) EasyBCD has inadvetantly been deleted from my system.

It is my hope to be able to resolve this problem without resorting to a clean re-install of original os (Vista)

The following is the arrangement of my present disk config:

I have a single 222 GB HDD divided into four partitions.

The first, no letter designation, has 55 MB FAT and Healthy (EISA)

The second, RECOVERY, D, has 10.GB NTFS and Healthy.(Primary)

The third, OS, C [vista], has 203.24 GB NTFS and Healthy (System, Primary, Boot,

Active, Crash, Page File).

The fourth, F [xp], has 19.53 NTFS (Logical)

Is there a way to remove xp under this present config without resorting to a completely clean re-install of the original os (vista)? I could dearly make use of the re-claimed space since I no longer have need of the additional os. Thank you for any rendered assistance.
You can just format the XP partition from Vista Disk Management, and reuse the space in any way you want.
Thanks. Done, tho it was a bit of a challenge, in fact, had to go way of the CMD function via RUN. Don't know why, but was blocked from the usual route of disk management, be that as it may, I'm OK, xp is gone, I've extended the partition and all is right with the world (for now). My thanks.