How to restore old Outlook Express 6 (oe6) data from old hard disk drive to new one


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Assalam-o-Alaikum and Hi,

I am posting this as a critical help information that I could not find anywhere myself. I invented the idea myself while trying different options and succeeded in my purpose at last.

Sometimes, we have to install a new hard disk and restore the previous Outlook Express data which is not possible if you have not backed it up properly. Before going ahead, make sure you have VIEW-OPTIONS-SHOW HIDDEN FILES. Here is how you can restore your outlook express data;

1. Connect your old hard disk to new one via any means i.e. Cable, external case, etc.

2. Start backup program from Start-Programs-Accessories-SystemTools-Backup

3. While backing up, back up on your desktop with any filename i.e. a.bkf

4. When finished backing up, start the backup program again and click RESTORE option. In the subsequent dialogue box, select ADVANCED button and uncheck the RESTORE SECURITY option. Click FINISH button to start the process and restore all files in the DESKTOP folder.

5. Now, simply browse the restored folder and find the respective DBX files and copy/paste them in a separate folder.

6. Open outlook express, and create the same email identity as was in the old computer. Next, Select TOOLS-OPTIONS-MAINTENANCE and click STORE FOLDER. Copy the path i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\a\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{B928EF93-161A-4660-BD63-5B9938689313}\Microsoft\Outlook Express and paste it in any new window of INTERNET EXPLORER. You will see some files. Simply copy/paste the original/old outlook express files here and you are finished. Click OVERWRITE if prompted.

7. Close and Re-start Outlook Express and VOILA!!! all of your old emails are present in INBOX, SENT, etc. folder.

Hope it helps,

Amir Ali Tayyab
Amir Ali Tayyab
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Walaikum Assalam, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Thanks for this guide, Amir, I'm sure there are plenty who will find it useful!