How to restore the old "NEW" windows 8 boot loader?

Hi guys, first thanks for your wonderful app and sorry for my broken english :grinning:

Let's go to the point...I've messed up with my boot loader in windows 8, trying to add a new a new entry for my previous windows 7 vhd image.... So, I've used easybcd to fix all, and now I can see both Windows8 and the Vhd of Windows7 on the boot, but the new graphic interface is gone, I've now switched back to the old windows 7 one...I've tryed various solutions, from erasing all the entries to restore the loader with bootrec from the windows 8 dvd, nothing works...I'm stuck with the old boot loader...

I'm not sure if this can be useful to know but I've a hidden recovery partition, and after I rebuilt my bcd with bootrec, it display 2 entries: bootmgr in the hidden partition (with windows 7), and boot loader in windows 8. Can maybe be this linked to my problems?

Can someone help me to restore the new boot loader interface? :|

thanks in advance

ps.: I've added a file to show those 2 entries


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Can someone help me to restore the new boot loader interface? :|
I have dual boot win7 & win8

The New boot its only available if you setup Windows 8 as the default System

If you have win7 as the default system the win7 boot is used instead

Boot Win8 Go to Control panel, Advanced System Properties, Start Configuration & Select Windows 8 as the default OS
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