How to run EasyBCD from a Vista cmd line


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I upgraded my vista today to Ultimate and now my pc will not boot. It thinks there are 2 os' and is dying with an acpi loader error. I have tried the auto repair and it did not work. I booted to a cmd prompt and loaded EasyBCD.

How can I run EasyBCD from the command prompt to repair my boot image?
It sounds like the Upgrade didnt take correctly. Did you get a DVD or something when you upgraded or did you do it thru their online thing? I dont think EasyBCD is going to be able to help you out here. EasyBCD only manages the bootloader. Since you say it tries to load but dies after you select a OS there is nothing more EasyBCD can do.

Is there a recovery partition that you can possibly use to at least get back to factory defaults?
EasyBCD can't be run from the Vista recovery DVD.

You can run it from Ultimate Boot CD though, if you get a copy with .NET.