How to run EasyBCD in WinPE/BartPE mode?


Hello there guys, I really like this program, and my windows installations give me boot problems whenever I refresh one of them....
I'd like to be able to fix my MBR without having a working windows installation, so I heard about winpe/bartpe that can give you a temporary windows enviroment, and I though "if i am able to boot from a CD to winpe and run EasyBCD to set everything the way I like, its superb!"

So, is it possible? I think the biggest problem is EasyBCD needs framework 2.0 to run....but maybe htere are more problems? Could you tell me if it can be done and if so give a good guide how to do it?

Thanks in advance!
No this cant be done. There has been many talks of this but ultimately there has been no guide or way to do it created yet.

There are many ways to fix a MBR without a working Windows environment. The XP CD or the Vista DVD can both do it.
unfortunately my Vista DVD is the one that reates all the problems. At the end of the installation it replaces the MBR with some weird GRUB4DOS boot loader that screwes everything and I cant boot neither from this installation nor from my previous Vista32 one.
When I go to repair the startup nothing happens....

I know this is unrelated to the topic (easybcd) but is there some other program I can run in WinPE to set the boot loader to the Vista one?
Blinks, its a project CG and myself have been working on for awhile now. EasyBCD 2.0 final will make it possible. I'm in the work of writing up a guide on how to do it.
Like Mak points out, give our recovery disc a try for startup repair, but let me add here that it cannot be used for re-installation. You will need to order a replacement disc from your OEM.
From my testing Easy doesn't play nice with bartpe discs. I'm thinking we might have a better chance with VistaPE/W7PE projects that have .net scriipts for them but I haven't had the time lately to give it a go. CG's alreday done his part with making it possible to select BCD store manually, so if you can get .net on a boot CD successfully it should work I'm thinking.
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There are guides out there to get .NET on PE 2.0 running... my company is working on recovery CD with .NET built in for their backup product; I could ask the devs that worked on that what they did if it comes to that :smile:
Sounds like a plan. It would be good to see how they've done it cause like I was saying that portable .net program I was testing is no longer distributed and the only bartpe plugin I found doesn't work. I have got EasyBCD working, just to display errors I'm afraid, but I was testing on a flash drive where it may have got confused with no bcd store on an older (build 40 I think it was?) beta build. I'll try the the latest build in the next few days on a cd and see if it'll run.