How to slipstream srivers into your XP CD

Mak 2.0

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Here's how you update you XP cd to have almost all drivers. You need the driver packs and the driver base software. here are the links > DriverPacks > DriverPacks BASE

Download driverbase. Put your downloaded driver packs files in the driver pack folder that you get when you extract driver base download with 7zip


extract driver base. put your driver zip files in the right folder.


open driver base. click the arrows to get to the next screen. notice that i have an xp folder on my desktop (I have 2 actually. I use ryanvm integrater to slipstream all of xp updates into the disc too). you need the files there as driver doesn't copy your xp cd files to the hdd. you have to manually do it yourself or use nlite to copy the files to the hdd


if you put the files in the right place you will see the drivers on this screen. just follow the steps leaving the default options. you can change them if you understand them.


when you are done use nlite to create a bootable iso file from the folder.


All credits go to EricB from Tech-Forums for the guide. I just put it here so others can read it and use it for XP update discs.