How to start my PC if all entries are deleted/

Can my PC start and boot if all the entries in EasyBCD are deleted ?
The warning says computer can not start if all entries are deleted.
If this is the case, how to start my PC and recover and re-install the OS's?
I need to do (1) recovery to out of factory status and (2) re-install 2 OS's.

I am now encountering with a big problem,
might be a serious malicious program is attacking my PC.
My PC now is a mess. Does not boot, or shuts down & restart automatically, or crashes,
browsers not function, time & date incorrect....

There are three systems on my machine: Vista, XP, and Win7.
I want to re-install all of them.

Would my PC start and boot into Windows if all the entries in EasyBCD are deleted?
If it won't, what must I do to start the machine and boot into Windows?

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No the PC will not boot if all the entries are deleted. You will need to leave at least 1 entry for it to boot to Windows. But if you are looking to reinstall all our OS's then you have to just restart the machine with the appropriate Windows disk in and start the install process. Make sure to format the partition first before you install.
Thank you very much!

Yes. Leave one entry for booting, the PC's hot keys won't work.
My machine is an Acer desktop. The keys for recovery to out of factory status are Alt+F10.
But they do not work if EasyBCD boots the system.
How do I get the Alt+F10 heys work, please?


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Enable D2D in the BIOS and hold down Alt+F10 before you reach the MS bootmgr.