howto configure when windows 7 installed after ubuntu



Running one harddrive with two NTFS partitions (system; files) and three ext3/4 (root; user; swap).

I recently upgraded from XP to win7 on a system running WinXP & Ubuntu 9.04 (updated to 9.10). Unsurprisingly, win7 conquered the MBR etc. so I cannot boot Ubuntu, which I figured could be easily fixed using easyBCD.

However, in contrast to the common easyBCD instructions, grub was installed as per default ubuntu settings since at the time this worked fine on top of the existing winXP. I am not sure where this location might be, and presently none of the alternatives (grub: pointing to either linux partition; grub2 <unlikely anyway as original ubuntu install was 9.04?>; neogrub) works for me. Either I get some boot failure (as would be expected at e.g. /swap) or simply dropped into a command prompt that I'm not familiar with.

Please advice how I may proceed to solve this problem

EasyBCD > Add/Remove Entries > Linux tab > Select one of the ext2 partitions from listing until you find the right one > type well be Grub (not grub2) > Add Entry.

Try checking "grub ins't installed to MBR" if none of the above works.
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Some of the grub install will be missing, courtesy of W7 taking control, so you'll need to reinstall grub to the Linux partition too.
Thanks for the replies.

@kairozamorra: That is precisely what I had tried before posting.

@terry: Could you be a bit more concrete as to the steps I should take?