HP compiuter stuck in boot loop


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Hey all. This morning I was hit with a blue screen of death and my computer restarted. It happened so fast that I didnt have a chance to copy the error code. Since then my computer is in a never ending boot loop. It doesnt even make it to the Windows splash screen. It makes it to the HP screen and then it restarts. IO tried the windows boot cd and it ran the first option but said there were no problems?? I dont know what to do at this point. I ran diagnestics through hp and it gave me an error code 0305 and said my hd was full. A friend said it might be a possible HD failure but when the HD was tested it all comes back clear now. What can I do now? I have an external hd. Is there at least a way to get this booted so I can move my stuff over before buying a new hd. Also if I do need a new HD how do I go about putting windows on it? My HP computer didnt come with any cd. Any help will be greatly appreciated


Okay I tried running the virus scan that is on the windows boot disk and it came back clear. I am currently running chkdsk. I think its stuck. Its currently been setting at 52 percent complete. (24582 of 346816 files processed). I can still move the mouse and scroll in the dos box but the numbers arent moving. Its been about 30 minutes im gonna give it some more time
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Tap F8 repeatedly as you boot to enter the extended boot options.
From that menu, select "No automatic restart".
The BSOD should halt at the stop error code, which you can use as a search argument to diagnose the cause of your problem.