hp created recovery disc for dual boot


Hi all,
2 Questions:

1.very good dual boot forums. my question is i have new laptop that has dual hd's, but the hp bios does not list either (location etc disk 0,1 etc), it just works, boots fine. running vista 32 business on hd "c:\os". i think they are ATA is this ide?. even thou windows has a SATA drive controller in the ide controllers, i am a bit confused here ,m yas drives are listed as ATA device.
d:\ has nothing except data i stored there and some windows hidden files recyler etc. Question i want to put xp sp2 prof on d:\. i have old xp sp2 cd, but my concern is when i boot via cd and install to the d: (i hope this option is here or is it more complicated),
when i need to repair the vista boot mgr as mentioned in forums, do i need the org vista dvd. all i got is the ones i used to create with hp recovery disks. (this is surely not an org vista dvd or is it??) will this work or do i need a full version of vista and not an oem hp created one.
Keen to put xp on to show the tech nerd at work who couldn't do it lol, and more important get old work software (some 16bit) working, transfer licensed s/ware keys etc.

2. can i use my old laptop (make it portable), and plug it into the usb port?
will it work??, surely not as it does not have the drivers for the new laptop.
(very hard to get hp will not give out xp drivers for vista os) if i get these drivers will the hd still run in the old laptop????
or i can blank another laptop hd, make it portable and plug it in, will the xp installation process see this hd on a usb port and install there??

Whats your recommend? please.

i have new laptop daul hd with vista on 1 of them not sure which
old laptop running XP with IMPORTANT work, s/ware licenses etc
spare hd (with portable case) fits old laptop, but is basically used for staorage (no os on it)
Thanks Andy
Hi Astinson, welcome to NST.

You can use a regular Vista disc, but if you don't have one NeoSmart offers a recovery disc here. This disc however is for repair operations only. It cannot re-install Windows for you. For re-installation you well need to boot from a recovery partition on the computer's hard drive or use the orginal installation/recovery media from your OEM.

Also see Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki and EasyBCD download page for everything else you'll need to set the dual-boot up.
I created the recovery dvd's from "recovery manager - recovery disc manager" as no disc came with it. is this the correct disc i need to repair the boot manager in vista after i install xp for dual boot purposes??


no worries i have paid closer attention to your links, thanks
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Before you go formatting D: and installing XP on it, are you sure that's not the HP recovery partition with your only backup of Vista on it ?


Try booting the disk you made and see if it offers you the "repair startup" option on the second screen (as illustrated in one of the links Justin gave you). If not burn yourself the a copy of the appropriate download from this site.
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I looked in disk management hp partitioned disk 0 installed os and s/ware on large part and installed hp recovery on 10.4gb part.
second hd disk 1 (had my data on it which i now moved - it now got recycle bin and system info folder left on it)

NOTE i tried to run xp sp2 installation cd, it loaded all the drivers, next the message "starting windows..." (where format hd see windows versions etc) when i got BSOD, STOP error message:angry:
stop 0x0000007b 0xf78d663c, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000

any suggestions on what next to try

P.S. i tried this xp installation before i moved all my data off the d:\ (disk1) to the c:\ drive
(shouldn't make a diff except i would have lost my data, right?)
If you were in the middle of formatting D: for the installation of XP, then yes...

Some BIOSes allow you to switch the mode in which your hard disks operate in. Check your BIOS to verify that it is operating in plain-old SATA mode and not AHCI. XP installation/booting chokes elsewise.
no i never got to the formatting stage. the xp cd stated to load all the drivers it uses for keyboards etc (i guess to a temp memory) it was getting ready to show me the screen where its detects the previous version of windows installed... it then crashed. checking bios i don't believe i even have this option for sata etc, HP has restricted and left out a lot of common bios features (a basic basic input output system, lol), will check again but certain i don;t have this option, maybe wrong!!!!!
If not, you may unfortunately need to manually load your SATA drivers from the floppy so that it recognizes the disk properly using F6 when it prompts you to do so.
how do i create the sata driver (just looked at hp order - i have SATA (silly me), but in a notebook). i looked at recovery partition but now obvious sata driver (all the files on the recovery partition i click on i get a silly hp icon warning about recovery file which i can do nothing with.?) on driver and support page at hp web site there is no sata driver listed for download???

ooops plus i have no floppy drive, need to buy a usb floppy, lol. (new laptops, no floppy, no parallel, or serial ports, what next no dvd drive or monitor lol)

again bios sucks no real bios here, nothing really to do except list boot order, set passwords, load defaults, change time that sums it up it sucks. "HP the pc made personal again" my behind, it's more hp than personal, locked up no real control over nothing, hp should pay us to use it, as there is nothing you can change.

thanks for help any other suggestions, any one, do i remove a hd, to find blank one??? then only install it (even forum says not to remove it)
You don't create the driver... you download it from your OEM's website, put it on a floppy and load it using F6 when setup gives you the option to. It should support USB floppy drives, but can't guarantee as I haven't had the need to do it myself.

Another idea might be to slipstream a new installation disc so that sp3 is integrated. This way, you don't need to spend as much time installing all of the updates that have accumlated since the sp (if any) that is included on your orignal CD. Some tools allow you to include drivers and extra applications you want installed. Check out nLite.
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Thanks for time and patience, tried nlite. i had xp sp1a and hot fixes, slip streamed with xp3 and added the sata drivers (excellent i found them at intel).
I was happy wating for hours to format then install until the cd activation page, would not except tried 3 keys (well 2 xp and 1 vista lol).
Did more research, forums state it does not lke vista with XP sp3 (why?)
nlite says it fixed it i have, not working.......
so i have another pc i will try to nlite xp sp1a with sp3 on an XP OS
other forums take about run as admin when on vista (which i though i did) and run program as XP (which i did not), i was too late for this.
Has any body any other suggestions or am i on the right track
What about the remove bios and id from CD (i think it said this) check box in nlite...
what does that do, do i need to it is a gateway oem XP cd and i amm putting it on the HP vista based m/c.??
Yeah... nlite might only create discs properly when built on an XP system. Guess it needs some additional files that would only be accessible on a system that's already been installed. vlites only for Vista discs so good luck.