HP DV2 - formatted - didnt make Recovery disc


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Help, okay so i went wrong at the first hurdle, i got a DV2 1121 ea laptop with Vista HP... s the firts thing i did was to install my Win 7 HP Retail after a format of the C:/ thinking, theres a recover partition there, it surely wont matter if i dont create Vista HP recovery disc.

stupid i know.

do now i need to return it to Vista HP... except when i press F11 on boot it doesnt boot from the recovery partition. i faffed about with the Vista x86 iso and some tools that set boot things for me

i even made the D recover drive the active drive

but i cannot boot from the recovery partition.

i have re-installed Win Vista HP OEM from an iso now, but still cannot get into the F11 reocovery console to reboot from the partition/

So, is thee a fix, or am i borked to never be able to use my recover partition again?

pls help i am selling the netbook to someone and would like to give it them with a fighting chance of them being able to recover at some point in the future. Or if you can recommend a GOOD genuinely free ghost/clone i can clone the current install (wuth bespoke HP drivers for LAN/Wifi etc) onto a new partition so they can re install windows from there or something?!


HP recovery disc should have actually re-installed the partition. If not, you need to provide that disc with the laptop since the OEM license is only for it.
Windows Vista Alternate Media

You could do something like this as well. By typing in the Serial on the machine in the box when prompted you can order the replacement media directly from Microsoft to reinstall Vista on the machine.

With some manufacturer's they dont allow for the recovery partition to be bootable. What is actually stored on there is an image of the machine from the factory and they install software on the machine when it ships to allow you to burn the disk yourself for reinstall purposes. This was done in the early stages of Vista. Not sure when you bought the machine, but that could be what happened and why it is not allowing you to boot to the recovery partition.
Would they also have replacement discs for XP and Windows 7?

XP no. They are trying their best to phase that out. Win7 at this time, no. But i wouldnt not doubt to see that come around very soon.

The reason is this. The download of the Enterprise version for 120 Day trial is still active. So technically you could get media from them. It would just require some trick to unlock the DVD for all versions.

I wouldnt doubt that after the release of SP1 for Win7 that you see the Alternative Media being offered.
Great, I'm glad to see these links because I come across not just in the forums but in real life people who have no means of re-installing Windows.