HP dv6000 will not boot up.


I am getting (error message:acpi.sys, status:OXC0000098). I have tried installing vista 32-bit repair disk with no success. I am a novice, any suggetions would be deeply apprecated.
The Vista 32 Bit repair disk has no install files. That is why you are having no success using that to try to fix the system. You will have to use the Repair Disk to get to a Restore Point or factory reset the machine.
Thanks, Mak2.0 for responding. I failed to mention I do not have factory restore disk. Where can I get a Vista Repair Disk?
In your OP you said you have the disc.
You just can't use the "install" button (no install files)
You can use the "repair your computer" (bottom left) to access system restore.
Hello Terry,
The disk I was refering to was the vista restore disk I down loaded from Neo Smart. This error message (acpi.sys) will not allow me to reach (repair your computer).
Sadly, if the HDD is corrupt, that will often stop the repair disk booting too. (stupid design imo, it checks the HDD as it tries to boot).
In that case, you should rescue your user files first like this
and then, when you're happy they're all safe, try to access the hidden HP recovery partition, which I think is accessed with F11 as you power up and should give you a "factory reset" option.
This used to be their instructions
but as you can see, along with most other OEMs, they're removing the information from the public domain, and restricting it to registered users, or making you answer multiple product/model questions first.