HP Hidden Recovery Partition


Hi I remember getting my Hp dv6000 series and I could go into my computer and see a d: which was the recovery drive. Now after I shrank the c: and created a new one , so I could dual boot with other OS's, which I fixed with the handy easybcd. Now after all this going back to Vista I cant find the recovery partition under my computer but I can see it under Disk management. It is now totally hidden from Vista where it wasn't hidden before. Has someone have a solution for this or should I just order the recovery cd's?
Right-click the partition in Disk Management and press "Change Drive Letter and Paths."

That should give you a dialog from where you can assign it a drive letter so you can access it from My Computer again :smile:
Hi Guru I got my Vista Back :grinning: ... The Vista Disk Management tool does not allow me todo it. Its hidden. Are there any other programs out there?
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Dont try to unhide that partition. I mucked things up and had to reinstall :scared: Why dont HP just have 1 partition and give you a cd like everybody else?