HP m8000n computer won't run 7


First hello to everyone, I have a problem, first let me list hardware

AMD 64 5200+ dual have bench tested OK
4 gig memory tested and good report
multi harddrives 500 160 1.5tb 2tb sata all ok

started out with Vista then installed 7 ran fine for 2 years
and installed XP on a separate HD for old programs
all ran well for about a year because disconnected all HD's when installed XP
installed a beta 8 did not like it and got rid of it
then 7 started giving problems would shut down as soon as it booted
Installed fresh system 7 on an isolated formatted drive loaded fine untill boot, shut down
reboot same thing over again, set bios to default assuming that 8 changed the bios
loaded Vista and it runs fine, I am puzzled
but my problems began when I installed 8 but no traces of 8 exists now

Has anyone had this problem? thanks in advance jert
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as my problem looms on ... I have loaded 7 on another HP machine and added as a single hd, booted up and then it shut down again right after loading a few items... rebooted in safe mode .. then to msconfig and shut off all services and it runs .... like a one legged man in a foot race.. a long process going back in and adding services one at a time ,,, remember 4 gig mem and a AMD 5200
only difference between this hp and the original hardware is memory and a ide dvd drive

any ideas guys???? jert
Is it a full version of W7, or an upgrade to Vista provided with the original PC ?
Formatted disk, clean install 7 U 64 as soon as 7 was released. Ran fine since... then installed beta 8 did not like it, removed ( note installed 8 on a lone disk in system, no other disk connected because of the nasty boot manager on window systems ) after that 7 started to deteriorate after removing the 8 disk and reconnected 7 disk... set bios to default looking for error in settings ..no such luck ..... Jert
If it's a proper full-retain copy of W7, and reinstalling the OS doesn't help, then it sounds like your hardware is at fault.
If it boots up then immediately fails, I'd suspect overheating.
Have you checked that the CPU fan spins up when the PC is switched on, and that the ventilation space around the fan and the case airways is not clocgged with fluff and dust.
Don't think that's the problem.. like you, that was one of the first things I done, blow it out, and loaded Vista, it runs fine on it.... I found the culprit file, its the Power setting file.. I loaded a hard drive on another pc, almost the same as the target computer, power file runs fine on the other computer... then set the power settings, which is never and never... and disabled the service of power in services in msconfig ...now 7 runs on the target computer... as a matter of fact I'm on it now.. also noted that Vista and 7 have different power files, meaning that they are not the same file.. I guess that 7 upgraded the file. Its not a corrupt file because it ran on the other computer...

solution: disable power in services and if you don't have a spare computer to do it in .... go to safe mode and do it

found : glitch in my board? what do you think?

Also, loading 7 will not happen on target computer stops the action, must be loaded on similar computer

Thanks so much for your help Terry
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Glad you seem to have found a workaround, though I can't see what the cause might have been. If Vista runs normally then I guess you've got no weird settings in the BIOS power section, and if a reinstall of W7, replacing the power management modules, doesn't change the behaviour, that's very strange, indicating h/w again, but that should affect Vista too ?

I couldn't cope with power mgmt turned off. I've always eschewed hibernate, sleep, hybrid-sleep etc since the days of ME, when using it was more or less a guarantee of wrecking the system so badly, that a hundred cold boots would have proved faster than the attempt to use a warm start.
My energy saving settings are very aggressive, shutting down the power to monitor and HDDs after 2 mins of idle time, and stopping the service would seriously increase the overall consumption of the PC.
I myself have been an advocate less power consumption, but in this case, I have no choice because it will not boot or wake up. I guess that power management controls that .. and a further note it also controls sound and who knows what else it controls. When power is turned off the audio services are turned off also. Ain't that a kicker.... Hey thanks a bunch for all you input on this matter.... Jert Texas guy
Different drive, new load of 7, loaded its own drivers same problem even with drivergenius drivers
even when loaded on a different computer of same model and works great on 2nd computer but not on the 1st....like I mentioned before Vista runs fine on it.... been working on computers since the old 286, never encountered such
Found a sure cure for it....... Bought a quad core