HP pavilion keyboard problem


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Im having a problem with my HP pavilion dv5000 notebook
I bought it about 2 years ago, and the keyboard worked fine, but now, i've done some stuff with the computer (like installing Ubuntu n stuff) and now the keyboard does not work!
When the computer starts up, it works, but when it boots into the OS, it doesn't.
Its really weird, i mean i cant even log on into the user because i cant type neither the username nor the password!

My second problem is that When i try to install XP from the CD, when I select to format de drive in roder to install it, the computer turns off automatically :angry:

Please helpppppppppppppp

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I just found a thread about the same problem, the guy fixed it, but i dont understand
he said: "I simply entered the BIOS and disabled the Legacy Universal Serial Bus."
I dont know how to do that lol
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To get into the BIOS when the HP logo first loads up when you turn the laptop on you should see in one of the corners or somewhere on the screen.

Hit *** to enter setup.

The *** is something like F2 or Del or Alt or whatever they key combo is to use to enter the BIOS. Then just go thru and find the Legacy USB and disable it. Then save your changes and exit.

The format issue with XP. I do not know right off hand. Could be a heat issue could be something worse.
thanks for the quick reply.
I've looked for the Legacy USB in the BIOS, but I cannot seem to find it.
Also, I just realized that not only the keyboard has a problem, but also the laptop's touchpad
I hadent realized it before because i am using a wireless mouse.
Buying a regular keyboard should solve the problem, but i dont want to buy it and take it everywhere

Oh, Yesterday it worked once, but now it doesn't :S

Are you sure you have the drivers and everything installed for the 2 pieces of hardware?
well...im not 100% positive :grinning:
If you could guide me through it....it would be great :grinning:

Oh btw, wireless does not work....ive tried enabling it in tyhe restricted dribers thing, but i cant it asks me to restart de computer, y do it and no changes are made :frowning:

thanks in advance
If Ubunutu's the one giving you trouble, make sure you upgrade to the newest version - they claim they've improved the wi-fi support in it.
If Ubunutu's the one giving you trouble, make sure you upgrade to the newest version - they claim they've improved the wi-fi support in it.
Yes the problem is in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, but the wi fi is still not working
I cannot enable it.

I bought a keyboard because I need it for school and at home too.
I cannot go on taking the keyboard everywhere, so I need a solution.

The wireless In Gutsy Gibbon, I just enabled it and it was it, but in Hardy Heron I try to enable it, it tells me to restar, but nothing happens.:S



PS: I tired installing XP, but the computer turns off at the beginning of the install :/
no problem, there's always spam in forums :tongueout:

well about my problem....I deleted ubuntu..
I got a new laptop and it is working perfectly.
Now, what I want to do is install XP again, but I can't because asi I said before, it turns off during the instalation.
I went to circuit city a long time ago and they told me that the hard drive, or even motherboard could be messed up.
That was the main reason why I bought a new laptop :smile:

I need my old computer though, so I really need to fix it and I dont want to spend any money on it....

Could you please help me with this problem?

Thanks a lot
Well it sounds to me as if the media is scratched or messed up someway.

Have you checked the media at all?
It sounds more like a damaged motherboard or RAM problem, if I recall our earlier discussion regarding your XP setup woes correctly.

I have no idea what you can do to get Windows to install on your old machine.