Hp pavillion dv6700 laptop

After a windows update, I cannot boot mt laptop. I get a blue error screen. F11 which is recovery doesn't work, f8 does'nt work. I cannot get into it with safe mode and I did not make recovery disks. I did find your iso file download but after burning it using img burn and putting it into my disk drive , I get boot from cd but after that it starts loading windows files and goes into the blue screen. Please do you know what I am doing wrong as there are pictures of someone who passed away on this laptop and no where else. I hope I can get this working soon. Thank You for your time.

Electachic 9/13/09 8:06 pm est
Hi Electra, welcome to NST.
Our recovery CD will help you fix a broken boot process. You seem to have a system which is getting beyond that stage and is more radically damaged deep in the OS.
Before you start messsing around trying to fix it, take steps to rescue your precious photos and personal files.
Download a "live" copy of Linux, burn it to a CD, boot the CD and run it in live mode (the 1st option, which runs Linux directly from the CD without putting anything on your HDD)
You'll find yourself in a Windows-like desktop, where you can use the "places" option you'll see, to give you a window, equivalent to Windows Explorer.
Navigate around in that and you should find your HDD with all the Widows files, and you can open the Users/userid/Pictures folder and find all of your photos.
Drag and drop all of your personal data to external storage, and when you're happy it's all safe, report back with a bit more detail about the stop-error with your BSOD, and we'll try to advise if there's any hope of a recovery short of reinstalling the OS.
Thank You!

I will do as you say and thank you so much for your help and I will report back soon for the rest of the instructions. 1 question though, what is linux? This may sound a little goofy but I thought linux was a computer type or a system type having nothing to do with hp or windows vista.:wtf::lup:
I guess it is true that we learn something new everyday.:grinning:
It's an Operating System (open source - i.e. free) which you could install on a PC instead of Windows or Mac OSX (and many of us do).
It has a great advantage over the alternatives of having "live" mode.
You can run the OS directly from a CD without ever installing it on your hardware.
It's not a way you'd chose for normal use because it's obviously slow to boot, and has poor performance compared to the same OS running on a fast HDD, but it's invaluable as a rescue tool, and since it treats other OSs as just "data", it's also very useful for fiddling around inside Windows, where MS will deny you permission to touch.