HP Recovery Partition problems


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I have dv9500 pavillion, I had a boot problem and used a program in dos to repair the bootmgr then I tried to get back to the reovery partition and it had gone, I used active partition to restore the recovery partition and then I restored all the files back onto it, there is over 5gigs on it, however I cannot seem to do anything with it I try and boot to it and just get a black screen, I am not really very up with paritions and I usually just restore windows from a disk. the files are intact and there is a preload file with a 4.6gb wim file in it. what can I do?

Please help, thanks:wtf:
I've had the same problem with my recovery/utility partitions on my Dell machine. Unfortunanly, it is one of those things you cannot really recover from.

The OEM's typically use special tools to put the recovery images on machines before shipping them out. Because of how the partitions are accessed (Either at power on of the system or during POST), my assumption is that they work in coordination with the BIOS and the hard drive's MBR, but it could be different from brand to brand. Generally, you are gambling when modifying the MBR on a system with a recovery or other special boot partition.

I don't personally rely on a recovery partition anymore. It is much easier to create your own images and restore them in case of a disaster. For example, it well do you little good if you need to replace a failing hard drive. Or in your case, replacing the MBR with a new one to boot Vista again Then again, most computers that are bought today do not come with an OS disc to re-install and good imaging tools are not free.

So I guess my best answer for you is to contact HP and see if they can provide you with an OS or recovery disc.