HP Vista Recovery has not worked


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I have a G60-230US HP notebook that was becomming unstable. I decided to use the System Recovery. I backed up all files on an external HD and began the process.
Upon completion I received an error code 1002 that I believe has not informational value.
I cannot boot the PC unless I use the #1 recovery disk or the ISO I got from you. No repairs work. I cannot get a boot command onto my C: drive and cannot access any recovery process from my D: partition. I have tried all HP listed methods for system recovery. So I have a brick at the moment.
When I open a cmd prompt I see X:windows\system32> Do you have any suggestions of what I might do? HP said my recovery disks must have become corrupted(no idea how) and they want me to send the PC in for repair.
Before I would do that I would try an install of Windows 7, however, I would prefer to get this up and running.