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i need a small help with my site, its stupid and i dont know how to fix it: Ætharn

ok, i grabbed the menu from someone, i didnt code it, wish i could... :frowning:

if you notice, the menu moves to stay in the center of the window.. while the body stays when i put it. how do i make it stay centered no matter the rez?

gawd im stupid with this stuff...
Well i see that the menus are just giong to # as they dont have a page reference. So no matter what you click it wont go anywhere.

The rest is a matter of getting it in DIV tags and getting it centered. I think.
yeah i know they dont go anywhere, i am testing stuff still, and i dont know what to have as pages.

so just setting the Div's to center, ill try that thanks ^___^


agh, thats not what i wanted :frowning: :frowning:

i want the page to stay in the middle, even when resizing the browser, which would mean... idk :frowning:


found it!

i have to us % in the postion properties, like left and top.

koolie ^__^

one tiny step down, a million more miles to go ^__^
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Please help me i got a a error (and the most common source of erroneous bug reports for the WDG HTML Validator)
<script type="text/javascript">
// This is an error!
// -->
</script> could anyone help me thank you in advance