HUH? it works


This is a rather dumb question but I will toss it out to see if its the Norm
I dual booted using BSD and was on my second hard drive D,
and rememberd that I needed a driver I down loaded on Drive C: thats stored in
my Download file in win 7.
I searched drive C for the file clicked on it and it loaded to my XP program ran flawlessly and loaded the correct driver for my current XP program that I was actually running on D:
That was a little to easy.
Is there a safe way to instal software in XP without a total reboot of the System thats seems to be required every time you update software.
I ve noticed in my Symantic program in win 7 there is a option to re-set without a full boot. A sort of refresh system close and open only that program.
It would be useful if you could do this in some of the MS programs that seem to always want a hard boot post install.
Hi Doug,

Usually, a program well only require you to restart if it is currently in use or otherwise, it won't. Depending on the type of update or install, like a system update or program that runs system wide as a service at start, you have no other choice than reboot to apply it. Of course, you can continue to use the system until you're ready to restart. This is something you'll find no matter what operating system you use.