i burned the iso... now what?


its not even a program. its 2 folders and a unknown file. so how do i use those files to perform a recovery my laptop. i have an mini acer
When you switch the PC on, the first splash-screen you see will normally have an instruction on it like "Press "del" to enter setup", or something similar.
That's the Basic I/O System, which is burned into the motherboard chipset, and is responsible for getting your Windows (or other) System loaded into storage and running.
Follow the instruction (quickly, it's only there for a second or two), and you'll end up in the BIOS setup utility (which looks like an OS from the early 1980's).
Find the "boot" section, and set CD/DVD to be before HDD in the boot sequence.
My Windows 7 recovery disk doesnt work

i changed the BIOS to boot from the cd/dvd drive and it goes into the recovery windows but the disk isnt recognized. can anyone help?
If it asks to press a key to boot from the disc you'll need to do so. How far is it getting, and what error messages are you getting?
If you have the BIOS set correctly, you should see a message "press any key to boot from CD/DVD".
If you're not seeing that message when you switch the PC on with the CD in the tray, then either:-

a) the BIOS isn't set to boot CD first
b) the CD isn't correctly burned
c) there's a problem with your CD-ROM drive

Check a) by booting with a CD/DVD you know to be bootable (an old Windows CD e.g)
Check b) by booting the burned CD on another fully-functional PC
Check c) as for a) and/or by burning to DVD instead of CD (or using another bootable DVD) (they use different lasers, so it's unlikely(but not impossible) that both will fail together)