I Cannot boot windows 8 after installing windows xp

hello guys ( sorry if i cant speak English very well)

last night i installed windows xp , but after installing it , i cannot boot the windows 8 , when i restart the computer , it automatically goes to xp , and i installed the xp on a different partition

i tried EasyBCD and i created windows 8 and xp on the entry and set windows 8 on default , and click on wait for user selection and saved it , but when i restart the computer , it does not work and automatically go to xp

what should i do ?


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Installing an older system after a newer will regress the boot to an earlier level which is not capable of booting the later system.
You must first restore the W8 boot files.
Read this
and make sure you are using the very latest version of EasyBCD for compatibility with W8.