I can't boot into windows 7 and I know why

A while ago I made a windows 8 dualboot (windows 7 is my primary OS) for some reason it didn't work on my laptop so I just booted back into windows 7.

I couldn't be bothered at the time to get rid of the dualboot screen and the part ion at that time, but at last night I decided to get rid of it, just like I did with Ubuntu a while ago.

My plan was to use BCD to overwrite the mbr then I'd delete the partion, but I stupidly clicked "install BCD" onto my C drive thus removing my OS, I then clicked "Write MBR".

Once I had restarted my laptop I realised what a mistake I made, now I can't boot into windows 7, so what should I do? Thanks.

Mak 2.0

Staff member
If you dont have the media, then you dont have to many options. If you dont want to pay to recover your setup as it was, then your only option at that point is to use the built in Dell Recovery and reset the laptop to factory settings losing everything you have.

Sorry but sometimes things cost money to fix when you make mistakes. There is no free alternative anymore with the Licensing Fees that Microsoft enforces on people. Maybe you can become part of the Beta Testing for new software that NeoSmart is developing.

Introducing Windows Recovery Essentials | The NeoSmart Files

But there is no time frame as to when the invite will be sent out or the link to the software.