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i have the same problem i have 3 HDD... One with files only one 250 gb (150 logical (windows xp 32-bit and a partitiion of 80gb win7 64-bit) and one 500gb (250gb windows 7 32-bit and partition 250gb files only)
Yesterday i install windows 7 64 in partition of 80gb in one HDD of 250gb... and i want to change the names in boot menu using Easy-BCD pre-installed in Win7 32-bit and Xp... I go to xp, i change the names as i want, save settings, and restart.. For a reason that i don't know the windows xp name takes the same name with the windows 7 64-bit and didn't boot on except for win7 32-bit.. i open win7 32-bit and i open easy-bcd and i click auto-detect windows-xp but i have one another drive with windows-xp from another computer but the bcd detect it... i open again win7 32-bit and i click reset bcd boot settings and i hope that it will fix the problem but nothing... when i open my pc i take the message:

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My question is : There is other solution except from recovery??
And if need to use recovery.. From which cd win7 64-bit, win7 32-bit or win xp???:lup: