So heres the deal yesterday I was online quite a bit, but I always delete my history and forums when I get off, my internent was being somewhat slow so I also deleted the temp. files and cookies. When I get back on a little while later and log onto myspace everything was fine except there were a few pics I could not see, so I go an upload some of my own pics, but when i was finished i couldnt see them, but i knew they were there because people were commenting them... And no they werent naughty pics. SO i delete everything again and guess what happened? I WAS NOT ABLE TO SEE ANYONES PICS! So i check facebook and Hi5 and I can see all the pics on there. I check toms page it doesnt say anything about any updates, I call friends they all see the pics. I tried restarting my comp. that didnt work. So then I download firefox on there I can see a few pics but not much. I then download opera which wont load any site but its personal page and google... So now im stuck...

Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue? Both the myspace pic issue and getting Opera to work?


Im using explorer 7 right now tried 8 it didnt change anything
On windows vista
Hey Jillian, welcome to NST

You sure you don't have any filtering enabled or software installed that would be blocking images?

First let's clear out history and whatnot. Go to Tools -> Internet Options. Under Browsing History, hit the delete button. In the box that appears, choose to delete all.

Lets go ahead now and make IE refresh the page contents on every visit, rather than the default "automatic"setting. While you've still got Internet Options up, go to Settings under Browsing History. Under "Check for newer version of stored pages", select "Everytime I visit the webpage" and than hit OK to save the changes.

Now lets clear your dns cache. Sometimes for sites it gets a little messed up. Open a command prompt:

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

Reload IE and see if you can see everything once again.