I destroyed Windows 7, after restoring MBR with EasyBCD

Hello there,

I have in my computer Win 7 and a Linux OS, dual booting with MBR. I wanted to restore MBR and I thought to use Easy BCD.

I don't remember the error that EASYBCD gave me, and I proceeded with the option Restore MBR. After that, now I have missing operating system. The worst thing is that windows partition is not seen by booting through Win 7 dvd. Using commands bootrec.exe /fixmbr or bootrec.exe /fixboot doesn't help also.

Any help please? Don't tell that I need to reinstall win 7 from beggining... :shame:

Thanks again

P.s. Hi, this is my first post.


Never mind. I resolved using Diskpart utility and made my partition active throught it. Now the bootrec.exe command solved the situation. please close this thread.
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Welcome to the group and glad you solved the situation.


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What level of EasyBCD are you using ?
There is no "restore MBR" in the current level.
iirc there used to be one in conjunction with a "Backup MBR", but that would need you to have done such a backup, and for nothing else to have changed.
If you regressed the W7 bootloader by allowing Linux to replace it, changing the MBR to search for a (now) non-existent bootmgr is going to leave you with neither OS bootable.
What you needed was EasyBCD 2.2 > BCD Deployment > Install Vista/7 boot loader > Write MBR