I dont like your program and change back to bios

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Some days i did try out now different program and yours the top now.
It change bcd and my debian 8 cannot add now to uefi
error:Secure boot forbidds loading module from (hd*.gpt*)/boot/grubx86_64-efi/normal.mod
grub rescue

Before it can add. and the other thing is enable windows boot manager and cannot disable.

You should have a button in your software to undone the changes.
Take the lighteater vulnerability and UEFI is a security threath outside all we know.
So fix your program for the basic users too.
Microsoft make money only and really dont care if we secure or not.Its not easy to see where MS works together with the growing and "BETTER" opensource.

Ok i forget to say i cann start it the "other" way .But its a bad view to see that MS is taking secure boot for himself and it looks like all programs working on it are influetet from MS to make it unformidable to use other OS.

But straight, i use MS only beacuse of running a game Steam and not for working on interesting things..

What have this to do with your program?

I think its a good idea look in the future and help linux or BSD user using UEFI without vulnerability.
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Thx moderator for made it in one post.

Another idea is to configure UEFI so that WINDOWNS cannot see another disk because it is a security threat.
We dont want a influentent Windows write into the legacy?!

It uses UEFI only but cannot supply a help against the lighteater UEFI rootkit.
Is this the backdoor for the NSA???


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Hi there FreeBeast,

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with EasyBCD?
It sounds like you don't like Windows and you don't like UEFI, actually.


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Hi there FreeBeast,

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with EasyBCD?
It sounds like you don't like Windows and you don't like UEFI, actually.
I used UEFI because for Windows 8 its a must.So i run a long time Linux on side(change always BIOS to UEFI and like i need it.
Then i install Jessie Debian 8 with UEFI.But i have always problems.It looks like the UEFI system change always back or complicate.
Simply, i dont want the windows bootloader stay on the TOp and i use different program to change it because if i forget to hit the key it start the slowly WIN automated.

So i try use EasyBCD.The same but more worse is.Before i use this program i can add Debian 8 to the UEFI Boot manager(But strange not on TOP and not to start first).
The problem i see with EasyBCD program is cannot go simply to step back to the old configuration.
Look the first pic.

I used to config UEFI for Debian 8(with EasyBCDchoose) not for Windows neither some other.It was refuse work properly.Some misconfiguration in EasyBCD.

Look second pic.
What have it to do with this normal.mod?
It try to load this but i did never see before and why now UEFI secure boot complain about this.
All after use EasyBCD.
And whats about MIcro***+ They force the use of UEFI and lighteater rootkit is a big threat for us.I think they have not a solution for it because it sit unter the system but happily run this way.
UEFI is a Threat.(Microsofts choice)
Bios not.

Fazit is :EasyBCD dont run correctly.I choose Debian or linux but it install some other bootloader chain.
It have not a button back(maybe the PRO version buts this is a bad view run therefore the other peoples into trouble, like this)
2 Choices - 2 fails and to go back to the old system is not well enough documentated for this.

Try it ---- install Debian on the side with UEFi and you will see EasyBCD install a new chain but the wrong one


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