i get error message(missing NTldr file)

ok, i have an acer with vista on c, xp on d on 1 HDD
i downloaded the program, went thru the steps, added xp as told, but error window comes up that this file is not on C, got to this site and download ntldr/ntdetect.exe and copy to c

i did this but nothing
copied it to the program, copied it to c in general, but still will not do anything

what am i doing wrong?
please explain like i'm a 4 yr old!
Hi Rick, welcome to NST.
Have you read the wiki XP troubleshooter.
Start here for background
then click on the troubleshooter link in the yellow box.

See also
for information on how the boot process works.

What you need to end up with, is all of XP's and Vista's boot files on the root of the partition which is marked "active" in disk management, and for the boot.ini file to point at the correct partition for XP.
Thx Terry

Have digested the material, just not sure if I can do it
Does a program like VistaBoot pro, make this any easier? have read some things and it seems like it

anyway, will give it a shot.
As I understand it, coz vista was the original install, then I installed xp with no probs, my computer read the xp boot first. But then I re-installed vista again and it wiped out that xp preference, and now Vista/C is the only recognizeable OS. And the boot order does not recognize my different partitions.
Well, will give this a shot.

This gives new meaning to the Multi-boot For Dummies book!



Why, when I get the warning message from Easy that it cannot find the NTLDR files, and then I get them and copy them to my C drive, it still does not find them.
Is there some specific folder I should put them in?
I get to this part of EASY but can't go any farther till it recognizes this file
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As I understand it, BootPro is a pirated copy of EasyBCD, so best not mentioned within Guru's hearing.
The files don't go in a folder, but directly in the root of the drive (i.e. x:\NTLDR)
If you post a screenshot of your Vista disk management and a copy of your boot.ini, we'll look at them for you and try to spot what your problem is.
Hi hockeyrick, welcome to NST.

As Terry says, a screenshot of your disk management application would be helpful, but also please post the text shown on EasyBCD's main screen with "Detailed Mode" selected.