I give up trying to create backup DVD-RW's in Vista


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Vista has got to be the most stubborn and inflexible system ever when it comes to optical media. Nero 7.8 has also got to be the most useless piece of software ever written for Vista.
I have tried both Windows own packet-writing and Nero Express.
They both insist on formatting first and fail, no matter what media I put in - used, blank,new, already formatted...you name it!
So I am left with only a spare partition and/or my external hard drive to backup files.
I like to have an alternative.
Nero 6 has no problems at all in XP.
Just venting because I doubt anything anyone suggests will ever make a difference...I've been Googling this for days.
I take some of it back...I just picked another drive and it is now doing a Windows packet writing to my drive X:...estimated duration 12 days...obviously way off, but we shall see. So why the change of heart I ask myself? 3 out of 4 of the drives are capable of writing to DVD media.
Nero will remain a mystery.
I remember I had the same problems with early versions of Nero 6

Added later... took 2+ hours to do what XP would have done in minutes.
Have your tried Acronis? Nero is okay but i know that Acronis is now Vista compatable and that has always worked better than Nero has for me.
I only have Acronis True Image 9 which I don't think is Vista compatible. Someone suggested I use RAM discs, never thought of that, might try them.