I got a new build coming!

Mak 2.0

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So i got a new build coming up. Got a Abit AN-M2 HD mobo coming along with

Newegg.com - AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 Brisbane 2.6GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Processor - Processors - Desktops

Athlon 64 X2 5000+ CPU coming in. That along with this case:

Newegg.com - APEVIA X-CRUISER-BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Computer Cases

That i got last year at this time that has been sitting idle in wait for me to get parts to build something with it. So above all it should be a decent PC. At least better than this P4 i am running now. It will be running 3GB of DDR 667 RAM. DDR2 stuff in dual channel mode.
Like the front read-outs on that case to tell you how it is running. Looks like it has enough fans too. What's with waiting a year? Waiting for better parts to come or for current technology to go down in price?
Waiting till i can afford to buy the parts. Being a parent really took out my budget for buying PC parts.
You deserve only the best of machines, Mak :smile:

Any particular reason you're going for AMD there?
Getting the mobo and that for free. :wink: That is the only reason why i am getting to upgrade at this point. A mate of mine built a new PC for himself and donated this one to me so that i can get off of this P4 i am using and onto something better.
Free parts, awesome :smile: Put that P4 to good use as a guest PC or as a NAS...

Got a old machine myself I want to turn into a linux-only box. Best way for me to learn is when Windows isn't there to help.
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Yup still gonna use my 8600GT that i got now. Same HDD's, sound card, PSU. Only thing that will be new. Mobo and CPU.
Ahh it's a small world isn't it...Mak :wink: Nice build and I am also looking into upgrading my machine with a AMD sytem however again I have no money to spend on a new computer :grinning:
Nick....where do i know you from again? :tongueout:

Yeah. Tell me about it. I am greatful that Saxon found it in his heart to donate that stuff to me. Only way i can get off this old P4...:lol:
Yeah came across this site by change when I read that easyBCD was the best tool for dual booting, that Dell must be holding you back and that was rather nice of Chris, guys like Chris arn't too common on the web these days.