I had my Vista for years now and my computer is to slow, and it never come with a CD


Yeah im sure you guys read this a million times but im super lost :glare:. I bought my HP from BestBuy and it came with a Windows Vista already in it, and now that years have pasted and ive been to a million websites and downloading all kinds of music, my computer has gone to shit, and is super slow at start up and is just loading webpages really slow and it was never like that before. So i want to pretty much restart my computer as in Reinstall/Recovery, just pretty much start over new. And on the side of my computer it has this Prof of owning a copy of Vista with the install Codes. But without a CD where would i go to do that?
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I don't have an HP PC, but I'd advise you to start here for advice on a factory reset of HP machines if you've mislaid the user handbook that you should have received with the PC (That will give you the best model-specific instructions)
I followed what they said, and it starts off telling me Click Start
and type Recovery in the search field. Select Recovery Manager from the list when it becomes available. Alternately, click Start
, All Programs , Recovery Manager , and then Recovery Manager. Ok I did the search for "Recovery" and nothing came up. So i went into All Programs, and i couldnt find Recovery Manager anywhere, so i went to seach in My Computer, and nothing came up. Then I went to Hp.com and typed "Recovery Manager" and this update came up about Recovery Manager, so i was like ok sweet just download this and ill have that file, and i follow the instructions to the T, and i keep getting this little window pop up that says "The update did not complete seccessfully. (259)" So im completely lost again <.<
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Note this from this page following one of the links.
NOTE: You may also access HP Recovery Manager at any time by restarting the computer and pressing F11 repeatedly before the Windows load screen appears.
That's right before Windows loads, not when in Windows...

Disk defragmentation and disk cleanup can greatly speed things up as well. Beats having to re-install everything.
Justin's right, if you've got a lot of stuff on your system which will need reinstalling, then a good clean-up utility and a defrag or two, plus a clear-out of a lot of superfluous startup tasks and services can work wonders.
If there's nothing much on your system that you particularly want to keep though, there's nothing quite like a clean reinstall to reinvigorate a constipated system.
Make sure you save any treasured photos, MP3s etc to an external device first though. A factory reset is exactly what it says, your PC will look exactly like it came out of the box, with all your stuff gone.
Ok so i was going back and forth and i tried to do the F11 thing, and i remember a year ago my brother couldn't get into my computer so he like erased everything to get in, and he also in the process deleted my "Recovery Manager" and i also found out that F11 only accesses this Recovery Manager from start up, but if i dont have it, F11 cant help, so at the end of the day im going to try to save my computer, and i have ran a Defrag took all day but my system seems to be to laggy, so im going to downlaod AVG Anti Virus, and order a Recovery CD from HP so i can get my Recovery Manager back, just incase something happens and i cant get into my computer at some point, thanks for all the help guys!
Sounds like a plan... defragmenting that takes all day is quite normal (especially if has not been done in ages).
In Vista, scheduled tasks come with an automatic silent defrag. Whilst I normally delete as much of the unseen dross that MS and others like to sneak into your startup tasks, that was one daily task I left in place (with an edit to remove a flashdrive defrag which kept crashing)