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Okay so i moved. Many people know of this already. But upon moving i had Windows crash on me and only Linux worked. But with that my 2nd monitor, CRT pluggin into a convter piece and then plugged into the DVI slot on my card, bounces.

Now when i say bounces i mean when you look at the screen it bounces up and down about a inch either way. AT first i thought it was cause of the cable. But after installing both XP and Vista and them not able to reporduce this i knew it was all about Linux.

So last night i spent the better part of a hour formatting my Ubuntu drive and installing Kubuntu 8.04 Remix wiht KDE 4 on there. Just to try it out. Never used KDE.

So install went fine, longer than expected. Installed the 58 updates since i downloaded my CD. Put on the restricted drivers and restart.

Guess what. Same thing. My 2nd monitor still bounces. Brand new install and it still bounces.

So any ideas? Could it be the drivers? Since this is not reproduced at all in Windows and it has happened in both Ubuntu and Jubuntu 8.04 it has to be something with them.
Sounds like you have your resolution set wrong. Try changing the resolution, i.e. if your resolution is set to 1280x1024 and your monitor only supports 1024x768 your screen will "bounce" when you move your mouse around because the whole screen can't fit.

The monitor it is bouncing on can handle 1600x1200 and is set to work at 1280x1024 cause that is the only setting i can use. The reson is because it is along side my LCD which has a max resolution of 1280x1024.

IF i try to adjust the CRT to anything higher it wont work in Twin View.
Very good idea. But how do i check Refresh rate?

You are right. Just checked and the Refresh rate is at 75HZ when ti shoudl be at 60. This is what is causign this. Just have to fix it now.


Well i think i might have done it. Will have to reboot and see if i killed Kubuntu or not....
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Well i would love to let you know. Edited the file xorg.conf and restarted. Now i get only the command prompt. No GUI. Have to figure out what went wrong...

I will probably install Ubuntu as i can work in Gnome better than KDE.
That is exactly what i did. I chagned the refresh rate of the monitor but now i get only a text based interface. The XORG doesnt want to load. So i dont know what to do at this point.
I know ATi has an xorg auto-configuration program you can run if you can't spot the typo/mis-configuration in xorg.conf yourself (aticonfig --initial)... Perhaps nVidia has a similar command?



Give `sudo nvidia-xconfig` a shot.
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Givce that a shot at the command line prompt thing? But i dont know what it is supposed to look like so how will i know if there is a mistype in there?

So confused right now...:tongueout:

Thanks for the help Mahmoud. You have been better than that Ubuntu Forums. They still have not answerd my questions. You are the first one to come up with any idea.
Not sure what you mean.
If you're at a command prompt right now, you have two options:
1) Manually edit xorg.conf (if you know what it's supposed to look like and can find the mis-configuration) with the nano command I posted above.
2) Use nvidia-xconfig to automatically rebuild xorg.conf to a working condition.
Bah. I really fubared teh xorg. Kubuntu ouldnt load or do anything. I installed Ubuntu again. :lol:

Will have to see if i can get this one without bouncing screen now.
Since I'm not very good myself yet with the Linux command line, I use my other Linux distro or a live session from CD to edit misconfigured system files. This is much better then having to look up the command you require and find you still don't understand how to use it.
Thanks for that tip. I always forget about the LiveCD's. Even though i have about 10 of htey here now...:wink: