i have problem


i saw in the forum that have file called ntldr but i cant find it any where
i have vista on c:
xp on d:
is this a problem?
and in the options of the program where u can change the boot.ini location
its have to be on the driver where xp ?
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Hi scorp, welcome to NST.
NTLDR is a hidden file.
Go to folder options in control panel and untick the hidden and system files options and you'll find it it the partition root (i.e. D:\NTLDR or C:\NTLDR in a dual boot where the Vista partition is the "active" one)
If you're dual booting, all the boot files from both systems have to be on the partition marked as "active" in disk management.
That's the version of boot.ini which needs to point at where the XP system is.
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i found the files in c: where vista is so i have to copy them to d: where is xp?
and when i tried to make d: as active the program sayed that the system can become un bootble its realy can happed if yes i t can be fixed?
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only the c: is active where is vista and i did understand what have to do in wiki
so i have to active the d:? and copy the ntldr to there?

If the files are already on the System Active drive you do not have to move them anywhere. Just make sure that the NTLDR, NTDETECT, and boot.ini files are on the system Active Drive and add a entry to EasyBCD for dual boot to work.

ok tnx i found my problem i all the time made the boot to search the ntldr is in d: when is in c:
i changed it to c: and every thing work now :smile:
Computer restarts itself!


My computer restarts itself every now and then. I was told to do this......

Right click on My Computer and select properties.
Click Advanced tab.
Click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
Under System Failure uncheck Automatically Restart.
Click OK.

This won't cure your problem, as instead of restarting you'll likely get a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) instead, but the information displayed will allow you to trace your problem, or post it here!

Now im gettin the BSOD...
Technical information provided is : ***STOP: 0x000000FE (0x00000004, 0x8398C9D0, 0x8476DA78, 0x00000000)

Could somebody pls help me with this... What could be the problem?