I have truly borked my install...


I have a drive with many partitions. Vista is installed on the first partition. The second is a data storage partition. The third partition has an XP install. I installed EasyBCD 1.7 and had a dual booting system that worked just fine.

Then I decided to hide my Vista partition from XP, using the instructions I found here.

But I made a mistake. I must have told Neogrub to hide the wrong partition. At first it hid the data storage partition. So I went back in to the configuration text file, and changed it to the Vista partition. But when I rebooted, both the Vista and the data storage partitions were hidden.

And then I couldn't boot into Vista.

I thought that by deleting Neogrub, I could get back in to Vista. But now I can't boot into either! The Vista install disk is no help either, it can recognize a Vista install on the first partition, but it can't repair the boot.

Is there anything at all I can do to fix this? I can always reformat and reinstall, but that is many hours of work at this point.

Can anyone help?!
Also check my 1st post
which might be a problem you could have when you're back up and running if you follow the instructions in the wiki and your configuration is more like mine than Guru's.
Or better still Guru has released the Beta of HnS today, which you might like to try instead as a more user-friendly technique. (as long as you don't mind being a guinea-pig !)
see here http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1341
I am repaired! Thank you very much, Computer Guru. It worked perfectly.

I read the links that Terry60 posted, and I will be very interested in Windows HNS when it is out of beta. For now, I can live with the limitations of the Neogrub method.

Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of the two menu options when I boot into XP - the result of a failed install, I think. Probably just need to edit XP's boot menu...

You are very kind. Thanks again!