i have xp and vista but only vista works


hello i have installed xp on partition d
and then vista on partition C

and now i installed EasyBCD

and only vista is in the list how do i add XP

please help?
Hello basman24, welcome to NST

Grab build 61 of EasyBCD 2.0 Beta. Go to add/remove entries and add a new XP entry under the Windows tab. When it asks to autoconfigure boot.ini click yes.
ok kairozamorro i will try it and thanks


it didn't work
i downloaded the NTDETECT + ntldr files from Neosmart and pasted them in D: (which is where XP is Installed)
when i try to enter XP i get a msg (NTDETECT failed)

and then i copied the same files from my XP Installation CD and when i click on XP the computer just restarts
and i tried without these files, it asked me to repair windows but in order to repair i need to enter administrator password, which i do not know what it is because i didnt create admin username or password!!!!!!!?
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Please read the instructions more carefully. Have a read of the sticky thread.(points 3-5)
Those files are XP files.
They already exist on XP.
You must copy them from XP into the root of your "system" partition. This is probably Vista, but you must check for yourself (point 3)
ok thanks i'll try

i read the instructions carefully and saw the screenshots:
in this screen: The NeoSmart Forums

XP drive is active & system
but in my pc , vista drive is Active,System & Boot
while xp drive is only active

and they are not on the same Harddisk but both are on primary Partitions

is this wrong?
how do i change them?
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The one that is the physical boot drive in the BIOS is the one that contains the "active" partition which is actually being used by the primary bootloader. In your case, I suspect your Vista drive is the primary boot device in the BIOS, so the boot files of both systems will need to be placed into the root of the "active" partition (i.e. Vista's partition) of that hard drive.
That screenshot is from my system (as it used to be), and is showing you how to locate the flags and what they mean.
It's not meant for you to copy.
Just locate your own "system" (Vista in your case) and make sure to copy the XP files there.
Get build 63 of the EasyBCD 2.0 beta from here. I believe CG implemented auto-handling of copying the required boot files to the correct partition as well now.