I installed EasyBCD and then... oh dear...help

Hi, I am trying to repair a damaged "Windows 7: Ultimate Installation" on a home built PC. The system has an ESC GeForce 6100PM-M2 motherboard, with Phoenix bios, 4GB RAM, and two WD HDD's with Linux on one HDD and Windows 7 on the other HDD.
I cannot load Windows 7. I tried to install EasyBCD, to edit the "Windows Boot Manager" screen. Unfortunately, upon reboot after the installation - I got the dreaded error message "No operating system found".
So I'm trying to repair the Windows 7 installation using a Window 7 repair disk.
I can load windows from the CD, then go into "System Recovery Options". At this point it does not show the windows 7 installed on the HDD. But when I try to load the necessary SATA drivers (using both USB stick and CD) - I get an error message "Add Driver: The installation has failed". I can load all the other drivers - no problems.
I've downloaded the latest drivers and still get the same result.
Any help would be gratefully received - thanks in advance.
Disconnect the other HDD while you boot the W7 DVD to do the repair. The W7 OS will probably reappear.
If not click "next" anyway without selecting (don't go on to the drivers screen).
Boot the DVD and "repair your computer" then "startup repair" three times. (It only fixes one thing at a time and there might be several pieces of the boot to repair).
Did you do anything with EasyBCD ?
Just installing it will have no effect on your system (other than occupying a small portion of your disk space). It's an app which takes no active part in booting or running the system. It's just for configuring the MS boot manager, and only does what you tell it to do.
Problem solved - Thank you very much

I followed your suggestion and I'm happy to report that I know have a fully functioning system:grinning:.
With respect to your question about EasyBCD - I think I tried to use use to edit my "Windows Boot Manager" screen - with no success.
Anyway, thanks very much for your help.