i it possible to boot from ISO and install OS from it


I've mount Hyper-v Server 2008 R2 ISO and started installation.
When I click install it runs dialog to choose driver for optical drive.
What do I have to do?
Starting with Windows Vista+, you can mount an ISO from *within* Windows (use something like Daemon Tools Lite) and install it - so long as you install it to another partition on your drive and not format your current config + install.
I will explain one more time:

1. I have ISO with Hyper-v Server 2008 R2 installation.
2. I created boot entry for it by EasyBCD
3. I started Hyper-v Server 2008 R2 installation thom that entry
4. Installation loaded Windows PE

And I can't understand what the problem comes next? It asked me to load driver for optical drive to continue installation however ISO has already been mounted...
And I'll repeat myself: don't do it that way, mount the ISO from within Windows and use it to install.

When you boot from the ISO you'll need to provide drivers for the virtual drive that EasyBCD is emulating because Windows is stupid and it refuses to talk to the virtual CD that hosts the ISO unless it hosts the entire communication via its own drivers.