I just want to change the drive letter


I just want to change the drive letter for the path so the system knows where to find things.
I am on Win 7/64 and am using a 32Gig CCD drive for the C drive on the SATAII bus. It is too small for my purposes and I have a 120 Gig CCD that I want to use. I have formated it and assigned it letter "I" with Disk Management in the basic format. I reset the BIO's to boot from the 120Gig drive, I had not pulled the 32Gig drive at this point. The system Boots and works fine, however, there are obvious issues with having the "C" drive running after booting off the "I" drive, path things and where are some files, for instance. So I pulled the plug on the 32Gig and booted, the system goes to the User screen and when I select my User it errors out and will not proceed. Since the 120Gig is a bit for bit copy it has all of the system controls necessary, I just need it to be "C" not "I".
Any suggestions?
Is your problem really a change of letter ?
You say that the clone booted OK while the old disk was still present.
If it had changed letter it should not have booted successfully.
Disk letters are just registry entries, not physical labels. They vary with the booted OS.
A cloned W7 will need the BCD to be repaired (it describes the location of the OS by a UID which, being cloned from a different device, will be incorrect)
If it really is a letter-change problem, you can fix it like this.
If it's a problem with the cloned BCD, you can fix it so
I understand. I was just making the assumption with the way the system was responding that the "I" drive was a complete copy and it was just a path that was incorrect. I will try one or the other tomorrow once I get a chance to review the process.
Terry..... Thanks for the direction to the information. I performed the process and it worked perfectly. Sometimes there are simple soulutions for complex problems like not reloading about 30 programs. Believe me I did not want to hit the user button at the startup screen for fear of having to reload all those programs

The process: Installed a new drive "I", made a bit for bit copy of the "C" to "I", changed the drive letters through the registry and rebooted. Total time 30 minutes.