i lost my dual boot option pls help


hi all . i having a problem with dual-boot. i had xp and vista installed but i just reinstalled xp again and i cant get vista to work when i start my pc. there used to be a option to choose xp or vista . its gone ... regards michael :??
Hello Michael welcome to NST!

Tha anser to your question is simple. You lost your Vista boot loader or the BCD to be exact. It is easy to recover. Just use the VIsta DVD. You can also look to our Wiki for help as well.


That should at least give you the option to get Vista back. Then you will have to use EasyBCD to add XP back as i am sure the info is old and needs to be redone. Or maybe not. bu tfor that info check our wiki as well.


All the information is there that you need to get working again.
hi again. i just done type 2 and am upto where go to the Add/Remove entries page and add whatever operating system. i chose windows nt/2k/xp/2k3 or windows vista/longhorn ? then restart pc. thanks for your help makaveli213
Well your Vista entry should be back. So you would have to add Windows NT/2K/XP/2K3 entry to add XP back. :wink:
For future reference Michael,

If you install Vista after XP, Vista knows about XP so it will dual boot automatically, and add XP to Vista's boot loader.

If you install XP after Vista, XP doesn't know about Vista (it hadn't been written when the XP bootloader was coded) so it puts XP's bootloader in place on top of Vista's, and you can't see Vista

But it is still there and OK.

You just need to boot the Vista DVD again and select "repair" and Vista will reinstate its bootloader as if you'd installed it after XP, with a full dual-boot capability.

You didn't need a full reinstall of Vista, just a repair of the boot loader, which is an automatic feature.
hello. i did Vista DVD and i select repair and it did fixed vista and loaded Vista ok but no option to choose xp only loaded vista now lol.