I made a big mistake that locked me out of Vista...


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Ok,I have a dual boot of Vista Ultimate/Linux Mint Felicia. I was changing my boot program from GRUB to EasyBCD so that I could use windows boot. anyway I made a mistake... I clicked uninstall the vista bootloader and I wrote the MBR and rebooted... so now I am locked out... Is there a file out there that I can replace in the windows partition VIA Linux that will allow me to get back in? If so what is it and where can I download it?
Thanks for any and all help!
Yeh, what that option does is writes an XP MBR (master boot record) and PBR (partition boot record). The PBR of the Windows partition will now be looking for the XP boot file "ntldr", instead of the Vista "bootmgr" which it would be looking for, if you had just chosen to use the "Reinstall the Vista bootloader" option instead...:tongueout: